Online Slots

There are a number of free slots available online, however finding one that suits you can take some time. However, don’t worry – here at we’re here to help!

Available at casinos such as Sky Vegas, William Hill and Betway, you can play themed slot games such as Marvel slots (Fantastic Four slots, Spiderman slots, Hulk slots, etc.) or casino classics like Siberian Storm slots and Cleopatra slots. Simply click on the review above to find out everything you need to know.

Slot Reviews You Can Trust

At Free Casino Games we have tried and tested all of the online slot games that feature above to bring you reliable reviews that you can trust.

Our in-depth slot reviews detail everything you need to know about each online slot, including:

Software (Playtech, Microgaming, Wagerworks, etc.)

Each website has a system behind it that manages the casino and provides a standard level of service. We’ll take a look at which they have used and see if they are using it to the full potential. When there are known weaknesses to these systems, be confident in the knowledge that we’ll let you know. We know you don’t want your fun held back by weak systems, so this is something we take an in-depth look into.


Paylines are important to the slots, and we know that they can be important when choosing the right casino, and the right game. We’ll take a look at the number of paylines in action and how good the payout is. If the paylines overcomplicate the game, we’ll also let you know, giving an explanation as to why this is an actual issue.

Min/Max Coin Size

Just as important as the Paylines is the value of the Coin, or the Coin Size. We will examine this when it comes to the slot machine review and let you know how restrictive this is. If the slot machine stands out as impressive for its coin size, be confident in the fact that we’ll let you know. If we feel they are overly restrictive, this will also be noted.

Max Bet

When looking at the maximum bet for a spin, this can be an important strategy so we’ll be keeping an eye on what the limitations are here. The review will cover whether they are overly restrictive, or if they feel lenient, and also whether it works well for the slot machine that is being reviewed.

Progressive Jackpots

As the game is in progress, the jackpot can be affected to form a larger pot. If progressive jackpots are in action we’ll let you know which is the best, and what to look out for. When looking for a big jackpot this can be an important way to make some cash. Though be aware it can also be a way to lose out too if you luck isn’t in the game. If the progressive jackpot in action doesn’t live up to the hype it is trying to create, we’ll let you know.

Our online slot reviews are kept updated and new slot games are added regularly to ensure that you never miss out on the latest online slots. With this knowledge in hand you’ll be able to select the right games to fit your needs as a player.